Fitness Fanatic Shows Off Incredibly Toned Butt And Abs. You'll Never Guess Her Age!

The fountain of youth may not be a myth! Or at least that seems to be the case for Laura Gordon from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her banging body is tight, toned and nothing short of inspirational. fitfan3 It is no surprise that this fitness queen has over 451,000 followers on Instagram. What is surprising, however, is that Gordon is 48 years old! She admits that while she hasn't worked professionally in the fitness industry, she does treat her fitness routine as a second job. fitfan4 fitfan5 Gordon says, "I'm not a fitness professional or fitness model and I've never done anything fitness for a career. I don't love working out. It is like a job. Being fit is your pay check and the workout is the difficult job to do." Gordon was 23 when she first discovered exercise. She had spent years working in an office only to come home and spend her evenings lounging on the sofa. She felt like her body was beginning to "sag." To stop this 'problem' in its tracks, Gordon began doing home fitness DVDs. Since then, she's been virtually unstoppable with her longest workout break lasting only one week. fitfan2 Gordon has workout equipment at home because she finds it more convenient than having to travel to the gym each day. So, how exactly does she do it? Three one-hour sessions of weight training every week. One session focuses on upper body, another for the lower body and the third session is mixed. She also does five sessions with her workout videos. [bctt tweet="Fitness Fanatic Shows Off Incredibly Toned Butt And Abs. You'll Never Guess Her Age!"] fitfan7 fitfan8 Her efforts to look her best do not end with her exercise routine, they also include keeping a close eye on nutrition. Gordon eats only plain, whole foods. She doesn't think it is necessary to give up junk food completely, but says that she just prefers to leave it alone. "When friends and relatives see me, they will always say 'you're so lucky you are thin and can eat whatever you want,'" she says. "I explain that I eat healthy food all the time, that's why I'm not fat. Please don't call me lucky for making daily sacrifices that you are not making." fitfan6 Gordon does not alter or edit her photos, and does not take any supplements. Everything you see is built through hard work and diet. She started her Instagram account after noticing that various companies and websites were using her images without permission to falsely promote their products. Gordon believes it is important for people to understand where her body came from and not be tricked into purchasing some 'miracle' product. She says, "all over Instagram I saw my glute and leg photos that went viral [SIC] and this is at the age of 45! This was quite a shock to me. My photos were everywhere but when I searched my name nothing came up. Thousands of people were re-posting my photos but not a single person listed my name or the fact that I was in my mid-forties. It is very important to me that people don't use my photos to trick people into buying that nonsense. Fit teas don't make a person fit, hard work and eating right does." Gordon is right. A body like that takes work and dedication. While Gordon has been following her workout routine for more than two decades, it is never too late to get started. Gordon built this body from home and you can do exactly the same. If you'd like to change your body and your life but don't know where to start, have a look at our Beginner Bootcamp Challenge. This Bootcamp includes 30 days of workouts, meal plan support and all the encouragement you need to get started and stick with it. If you've completed the Beginner Bootcamp Challenge and are looking to keep right on rolling, you'll want to take a look at the Intermediate Bootcamp. Like the Beginner Bootcamp Challenge, these workouts will be delivered to your inbox for free! It includes 30 days of workouts, meal support, bonus burnouts, advice and motivation. It's launching soon, so sign up here so you don't miss a single second. If you don't want to wait, check out the DailyHiit Show with Jacqui. Get your sweat on in these real-time workouts. We promise jacqui will be the best workout buddy you could imagine! Sign up here by checking the 'workouts' box. Source: Daily Mail

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