Fitness Guru Sophie Guidolin Says, "This is My Reality." What Do You Think?

With the controversy surrounding fitness guru Sophie Guidolin for her workout regimen while pregnant, showing how toned and taught she remained throughout her 9 months, to the backlash she received from some for getting a little softer post pregnancy, to all the tiny details in between, sometimes it seems like the whole story can get mixed up. What's right? What's wrong? Should there really be attention surrounding the social media star? The 26-year-old shared an image of herself two days after giving birth to her twins Evie and Arya. She wrote, "Today is 2 days since I gave birth to our twin girls (@evie_and_aria). This post takes a lot of courage as I am only 'just' up and walking since having a c-section. Something I was hoping to avoid, however it was SO much better than I thought it would be and recovery has been pretty incredible so far!" Sophie Guidolin Guidolin was criticized for working out so intensely during her pregnancy. From lifting to squatting, some were unimpressed, while others were straight up worried about how it would affect her babies. She finally called training quits once she reached the 34th week of her pregnancy. Sophie Guidolin Sophie Guidolin Sophie Guidolin This is what the she looked like just three days before she gave birth. Sophie Guidolin And before she even got pregnant? This was her bod. Sophie Guidolin "The babies were almost 5 pounds each, so carrying 10 pounds of babies only 2 days ago is something I am proud my body has gone through and achieved," she said. Sophie Guidolin "So many women whose pregnancies I have followed have posted photos 2 weeks later with no stomach, however this IS 'my' reality and your uterus doesn't just 'go away'. At the moment my uterus is still contracting to get it down to the normal/non pregnant size. My tummy is like a soft jelly and tender to touch," she said in response to people's harsh remarks of her post pregnancy body. Sophie Guidolin So what's next for Sophie Guidolin? Only time will tell, however, the Instagram account she has already set up for her twins has over 28,000 followers! What do you think of all the controversy surrounding this fitness guru? Source: Likes Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110224" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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