Fitness Guru Sophie Guidolin Strikes Back at Her Haters Over Gaining Too Much Weight

Sophie Guidolin has become a controversial figure in the media. From pumping iron during her pregnancy with twins to showing off her incredible post-pregnancy body just two days after giving birth, she has people talking. While some have supported her, others have shunned her for seemingly promoting what seems like an unsafe exercise regimen during her pregnancy, and promoting an unrealistic image of what new moms look like. [caption id="attachment_108850" align="alignnone" width="526"]Sophie Guidolin (Photo: Sophie Guidolin/Instagram)[/caption] Guidolin is back in the media once again, and this time it's because the fitness guru is taking a stand against critics who have actually accused her of gaining too much weight during her twin pregnancy. [caption id="attachment_108848" align="alignnone" width="599"]Sophie Guidolin (Photo: Sophie Guidolin/Instagram)[/caption] An Instagram sensation who is a mother of four children, she has already lost 12 of the 17 kilos she gained while pregnant. To stand up to the haters who are trying to bring her down for gaining weight, she took to social media. [caption id="attachment_108851" align="alignnone" width="578"]Sophie Guidolin (Photo: Sophie Guidolin/Instagram)[/caption] "I was told (by complete strangers across social media, newspapers and media) I was too small, then I was endangering our babies' health by exercising, now I apparently put on "too much" weight whilst I was pregnant," Guidolin wrote. [caption id="attachment_108849" align="alignnone" width="594"]Sophie Guidolin (Photo: Sophie Guidolin/Instagram)[/caption]

"This is different to my first pregnancies where I lost next to nothing after birth!' she exclaimed. "I have been eating well and obviously done no exercise postpartum...I am proud of my journey and the way my body has reflected my lifestyle."

Many of her followers sympathized and supported her reaction, one even saying, "People are jealous and rude! You are beautiful and amazing. Ignore them. Your sweet baby girls and you are healthy and that is all that matters!"

What do you think of the controversy surrounding this fitness guru's weight?

Source: Daily Mail

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