Fitness Hack: 3 Helpful Tips for Beginner Runners

Running was a little intimidating to me, as are most new kinds of exercise. When it's something you're not used to, you feel a little foolish trying it for the first time. But running has so many health benefits, it's definitely worth try! Here are 3 quick tips to getting started and sticking with it!

Tip 1 - Start Slowly

Start by running twice a week. You can gradually increase your running time and frequency as you go. As you build, keep your routine consistent to get your body into the momentum!

Tip 2 - Prevent Injuries

Keep away those aches and pains by doing both pre and post running stretches. Warm ups should include leg swings and squat-to-stands that get our blood flowing to your muscles. Post workouts should include stretches that make your muscles malleable. Lunges, head-to-knee stretches and hamstring stretches are all important components of your routine.

Tip 3 - Reward Yourself

Give yourself little mental rewards for hitting your fitness goals. My favourite trick is to use TV shows. I will reward myself for a good run with 2 new episodes of Orange Is the New Black, or Sense8. You can also treat yourself to a mini-spa day after a good week of training, or a small splurge at the mall. What are some tips YOU have for beginner runners? Share them with us!  

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