Fitness Hack: 3 Unconventional Ways to Supercharge Your Workouts

Whether you are a burnt out gym rat or a recovery couch potato, we've put together 3 unconventional methods to keep you motivated and hitting each and every workout hard. Give your whole workout regime an overhaul with these tricks: 1. Exercise to Feel Better   Forget the numbers, the calories burned, the miles trekked, the amount of time spent in the weight room. The biggest motivation for getting up in the morning and doing laps around the track is feeling better. Exercise is vital for psychically, mentally and emotionally feeling good. It's what your body craves. Exercise should be measured by "Do I feel better now?" 2. Workout In a Beautiful Setting   The indoor gym setting with it's grey walls and heavy-duty A/C isn't always inspiring. Getting out in nature will nourish your spirit and actually encourage you to workout for longer. Not everyone has access to the great outdoors everyday, so here are some tricks to improving the atmosphere of in-home workout spaces:
  • Light a candle
  • Bring in some plants or fresh cut flowers
  • Create a collage of motivational pictures to look at
3. Create a Playlist That Inspires   Music can dynamically improve your workout, depending on the playlist in question. Create different playlists for different moods. "Fun", "Energy", "Tranquil" and "Inspire" could be names for your different mood lists. If you're feeling run down, put on "Energy" to perk yourself up. Want to cool down and relax as you stretch? Throw on "Tranquil". You'll be surprised at what a difference proper music can make. Try these tips and tell us how your workouts have improved!

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