Fitness Hack: Sculpt a Better Butt With These 5 Easy Tricks

Show off a toned, tight, beautifully sculpted booty on the beach this summer! These 5 tips will improve your squats and give you the butt of your dreams. Trick #1 - Keep your weight on your heels.  Putting weight on your toes makes your workout off kilter and compromises your results. It can also hurt you! Keeping the weight on your heels activates posterior muscles that give your body a more hardcore workout. That means you'll be seeing results faster! Trick #2 - Keep your chest up.  Dropping your torso will change your centre of gravity, something dangerous that you don't want to have happen. So keep you chest up and out! Trick #3 - Push your hips back as you go down.  Send your hips back to initiate your squat. This properly aligns the rest of your body and keeps weight on your heels (remember, that's important). Trick #4 - Push your knees out slightly.  You want to have your knees aligned over your toes. The trick is to have your kneecaps pointing to your pinky toes. This will build muscle in your butt and hip area. Trick #5 - Get low, get low, get low! To the windows to the walls! The goal is to get your hip crease lower below your knees when squatting. This will alleviate knee pressure and get your leg muscles activated and taking the brunt of the force. Practices proper squats will strengthen your core and give you amazing shape in your thighs and butt. The average squat workout should take about 3 to 4 minutes or the length of one good workout song. Do you love squats? Try these tricks and tell us how they worked for you!

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