Fitness Hack: Shed Fat and Say Goodbye to Cellulite This Summer!

Cellulite can leave us very self conscious about wearing certain summer staples like shorts or bikinis. Here are some science-backed solutions to getting toned up and losing the dreaded jiggle of cellulite just in time to hit the beach! Hack #1: Dark Berries Studies show that eating the proper foods can reduce the appearance of cellulite drastically. So eat away the dimples with dark berries, like blueberries. Dark berries are loaded with antioxidants, and have been shown to boost collagen production. Collagen can strengthen your connective tissue and repair cellulite-plagued areas. Hack #2: Green Tea Green tea has been proven to be an effective fat flusher. Just drinking 2 cups of green tea a day can help you lose weight, and losing weight can have a positive impact on reducing the appearance of cellulite! Hack #3: Get Active  workout benefits Exercise increasing blood flow, and improved circulation to connective tissue can help strengthen and repair it. Plus, exercise will help you lose fat which again decreases the appearance of cellulite. A win win! Hack #4: Dress Right  In order to increase your blood flow, you should be avoiding clothing that is too tight or restrictive. Massaging the areas which are prone to cellulite development (like upper thighs) also helps get your circulation going! What are your top tips for combating the dreaded cellulite? Share them with us!    

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