Fitness Instructors Take Down Body Shamer With FLAWLESS Response

After being featured in their local newspaper, fitness instructors Megan Ellis and Taryn Sisco were overjoyed with the media attention their gym was receiving. So when Megan was opening mail one morning, she wasn't surprised to see a newspaper clipping slide out of an envelope. It was probably a customer congratulating the women on their success. [caption id="attachment_117394" align="aligncenter" width="870"]barre studio frederick maryland (Photo: Taryn Sisco)[/caption] But what Megan found shocked her. Someone had written all over the clipping, pointing arrows at both Megan and Taryn's bodies and scrawling comments such as "You are fat" and “I’m tired of articles espousing fitness and health while those in the picture are neither". [caption id="attachment_117395" align="aligncenter" width="870"]body shaming conversation (Photo: Brodie Ledford)[/caption] Megan and Taryn were not about to let these harsh comments hurt them. They decided to use this attack on their business and their bodies as something positive. "Judging anyone based on their looks or a picture is just sad…and yes it is a form of bullying. It sends the wrong message to women everywhere. Women should lift each other up, not tear each other down. So nice try lady…but mission not accomplished." the pair wrote in the blog post the following day. [caption id="attachment_117396" align="aligncenter" width="870"]fat shaming bullying (Photo: Brodie Ledford)[/caption] Megan and Taryn know who the sender was as her name was written on the piece of mail. So the women offered her a spot in one of their fitness classes. She did not accept the offer, but has stopped by the studio to apologize for her actions. “I don’t know what led her up to this point in her life that she felt it necessary to write those things about us." Taryn explains. “But, honestly, I think she’s done us all a favor by starting this conversation.” What are your thoughts? Do incidents like this actually help to start dialogue about body shaming? Source: Self

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