Fitness Life Lesson Countdown #4: Set Goals and Work To Reach Them

Why are you working out today? Is it because you want to look good come bikini season? Are you trying to lose weight to feel better about yourself? Do you need to deal with a health problem? You need three things to work out properly:
  1. A reason
  2. A goal
  3. A will to keep going
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="488"] Source:[/caption] Number 1 is going to get you motivated to hit the gym on Day 1, and may even help you get all the way through Week 1. However, by the time you've suffered from exhaustion, sore muscles, and strong post-workout hunger, you're going to need Number 2 to keep you going. Without a goal, you'll never have Number 3-- a will to keep going. Set that goal in your fitness life and in the other areas of your life. Without a goal, without something to work towards, you're never going to make progress. Work to reach that goal, and you'll make yourself a MUCH better person in EVERY aspect of your life.  
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