Fitness Life Lesson Countdown #7: Be Well-Rounded

When you hit the gym, you're not going there to work out just one muscle. You may work out one muscle a day, but you work out the rest of your muscles on the other days. The purpose of hitting the gym or doing your HIIT is to make your ENTIRE body look good, not just the vanity muscles. You see those people who skip leg day, and you see just how silly they look. If you only focus on certain body parts, you'll never be a properly-rounded, strong person. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="390"] They skipped leg day![/caption] The same goes for your workouts. Don't just stick with one exercise or workout. Do bodyweight exercises, static exercises, plyometric exercises, kettlebell exercises, dumbbell exercises, barbell exercises, pushing exercises, pulling exercises, core exercises, upper body exercises, lower body exercises, cable machine exercises, and all the rest. Do it all, and you'll get a much more well-rounded body. Don't put all of your life skills in one basket either. Find ways to learn and grow in areas outside of your comfort zone, and become well-rounded in life. You'll find that the more you learn, the more you can do and the higher in demand you will become!  
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