Fitness Memes for Every Situation

Memes are everywhere now, and, whether you love them or hate them, they perfectly explain how most of us feel in certain situations...particularly fitness related memes! Whether they're motivational or just plain hilarious, here are some fitness memes to suit every situation. When you run
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We all hope that we look the same way as fitness models in magazines do while we are working out, but in reality, if you're working hard, you probably look like you're desperately trying to hold it all together, while gasping for air! It's ok though - we all look like that! When you realise you will never be truly happy with the way you look [caption id="attachment_54677" align="alignnone" width="637"]Image credit: Image credit:*hphotos-ak-ash3*575784_640941892609720_1685319017_n.jpg/ Image credit:*hphotos-ak-ash3*575784_640941892609720_1685319017_n.jpg/[/caption] I'm strongly believe that everyone should praise themselves for their achievements (not just in fitness), but let's be honest - once you start improving your body you will never get to the point that you can honestly say you're 100% happy with the way you look. When you finally reach your original goal you will set another goal...and the pattern will continue. When you're afraid of unintentionally coming onto someone at the gym
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Using this machine is incredibly awkward - not the exercise, but the whole 'where do I look?' issue. If you happen to make eye contact then you are risking the other person assuming you have chosen them intentionally, but if you look down it can appear that you're strangely obsessed with watching your legs open and close - or worse - staring at your crotch! Looking straight ahead and staring at the wall (and never budging your focus) seems to be the only acceptable option! When you wear gym clothes on your rest day to make it look like you've been working out
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Surely everyone has done this!? Years ago, if you wore gym clothes outside of the gym people looked at you strangely, but now gymwear is so versatile and looks so great that you can easily wear it on your rest day. Plus it makes everyone think you've been working out hard when all you've really done is roll out of bed! When you realise you know more than the person supposedly giving advice
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Ok, so you don't need to lift weights to understand nutrition, but if it's obvious that the person giving fitness and exercise advice doesn't workout then it's hard to take them seriously when they are telling you how to improve your body. When you're fed up with the gym Facebook statuses
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Yes, we have all posted on Facebook that we've been to the gym at some point, but do people really need to let us know every time they check in at the gym!? Your workout is valid without letting everyone know you're doing it! When guys forget leg day...forever
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Admittedly, with upper bodies looking that good, the chance of most people really caring about their legs is slim, but once it's been pointed out you can't help but notice it! The guy on the right does look like he's worked his legs just as much as his upper body though...I had to point that out to be fair. But how often have you seen a guy who has clearly only trained his upper body!? Far too many times to keep count. Don't forget to train your legs! When you're sick of people not having good gym etiquette
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Gym etiquette - you may not think it matters, but it really does. There are so many rules to follow; many of them unwritten, but a good one to remember is - once you've finished with a machine wipe it down and take your towel with you. When you need some motvation
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This is one of my favourite motivational memes. It not only features a woman with a pretty awesome figure, but also some very true words. It always gets me ready to workout! Look at it, read it, now go workout! When you realise your gym obsession is getting in the way of a relationship
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Being obsessed with working out is not bad - I'm addicted! It's also up to you to decide whether you would put the gym before a relationship as only you know what you want more...but at least the gym won't break your heart, eh? This meme is hilarious, but there's definitely an element of truth to it. When the year is coming to an end and you're seriously considering building a home gym just to avoid the January crowds
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It happens every year - January hits and thousands of people join gyms with the intention of getting a better body by summer...but I would guess that less than 30% of them actually stick at it. Good for you if you're one of the few who does, but existing gym members face the struggle of queuing for machines in a usually empty gym. If you're one of the existing members just remember that t's all good again when February arrives. When you're sick of people thinking that building muscle means being a body builder
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I used to be someone who ran a mile the second a person suggested I lift weights - I admit it. It's incredibly frustrating though (now I know better) hearing someone say they don't want to lift weights because they'll end up looking like Arnie. Lifting weights will sculpt your body - it won't bulk it out! When you get irritated by girls being afraid to ruin their hair or makeup at the gym
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If you are exercising then there really is no need to touch up your makeup or tidy your hair before going to the gym. After a workout I look pretty wrecked, but I love it because I know that it means I pushed hard. It's fine if you want to put on some (waterproof) mascara or if you've come straight from work so already have makeup on, but please don't apply it just for the gym. Featured image credit: For more articles like this follow my blog.


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