Fitness On a Limited Budget: How To Do it Right

Getting in shape is NOT cheap! You can spend a fortune on diet foods, fitness gear, protein powders, fitness gadgets, and the list goes on. fitness on a limited budget But what can you do if you're not rolling in the dough? Can you get fit without breaking the bank? Here are some tips to help you achieve fitness on a limited budget: Exercise for free -- Instead of paying $30 to $60 per month for a gym membership, join millions of BodyRockers and workout for FREE every day Monday to Friday with our host Jacqui Light. Never miss a DailyHiit Show and sign up here by checking the 'workouts' box. If you're new to fitness, then try out our Beginner Bootcamp Challenge complete with a meal plan. [bctt tweet="Fitness On a Limited Budget: How To Do it Right"] Skip the gadgets -- While fitness gadgets can be handy, you don't really NEED them. You can use your smartphone as a pedometer, fitness tracker, diet journal, and everything else. All the other gadgets are just for show. Shop smart -- Shop at a local co-op, farmer's market, or even straight from nearby farms. Or, if you're in the heart of the city, use coupons and take advantage of sales at your local supermarkets. Always buy the cheapest in-season vegetables and cuts of meat. Avoid any frills, and concentrate on buying ONLY the items you need. Eat at home -- Healthy, weight loss-friendly meals tend to be pricier than the unhealthy ones, so it's time to skip eating out altogether. Cook your meals at home, brown-bag it to work, and turn down any invitations to eat or drink out. Follow these tips, and you can get in shape no matter how limited your budget is! How do you keep fit on a budget? Source: Life Hacker

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