Fitness Trend: Why Yoga Studios Are Serving Booze

On a weekend, nothing relaxes me like hitting the yoga studio. Well, except maybe a martini or two. Wouldn't it be nice if I could have both? Oh wait... Now in Miami, New York and Chicago, I can. Yoga studios are introducing the enticing concepts of “Bootcamp, Bloodies, and Brunch”, "Workout and Wine”, “Tighten and Tequila” and “Cardio and Cocktails”. booze yoga drinking trend After 45 minutes of intense yoga, cardio or strength training, students are invited to unwind with unlimited alcohol access and socializing. Women are flocking to these classes! As popularity rises, I secretly hope a "Tighten and Tequila" session will become available at my neighbourhood studio. Breweries are also getting in on the fitness fun. A yoga class in Virginia is being held at a brewery where students can stretch it out with the inevitable reward of a pint and some hard liquor dancing in their heads. These trends may promote a more entertaining way of working out, but are they really beneficial? Heavy drinking can have a negative impact on your body's ability to recover from a workout. Drinking beverages high in sugar can also counteract your fitness progress. But having a glass of red wine along with water and a protein rich snack may actually do good things for your cardiovascular system. It comes down to moderation and balance. What are your thoughts? Do you see yourself participating in a boozy bootcamp in the future? Source: Z Living  

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