Fitness Tricks To Hone & Tone

Sometimes it feels like life moves a million miles a second. We are always in a rush to go somewhere or get something done. It seems like there  are never enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. Understandably, all this hustle and bustle can wear us down, stress us out, and make our workouts feel like a chore! At BodyRock, we love the fast-paced intensity of HIIT training but know that sometimes, you just need something a little more mellow, something that gives you all the muscle toning benefits of faster workouts, but at a slower pace. It can be tempting to push yourself through HIIT workouts in an effort to save time and get results more quickly but, taking things down a notch, once in a while, can be just as effective! By making smaller, slower, movements, you will reduce the impact on your joints while increasing the resistance in the muscle. What's more, controlled movements can have a meditative effect, forcing you to actually think about your form, the movements you are making, and the muscles you are engaging. When your mind is that in tune with your body, your stress levels will undoubtedly fall! Doing a  mix of high and low intensity workouts is a great way to train. And trust us, doing things at a slower pace does NOT mean you are taking it easy -- you will feel this workout! The following circuit uses small, slow, movements to build beautiful, lean muscle while focusing your mind and giving you time to breathe! Are you ready? What you will need: A 5 pound set of hand weights (get your set here). 6weightedvestGTGOF   To get the most from this workout (and all your other workouts!), be sure to wear your BodyRock weighted vest. It will add extra resistance to all of your movements, increasing your burn, without you having to change a single thing! And because a fit lifestyle is such positive, life altering experience, we want to help you empower other people to get on board! Give the gift of fitness to a friend, family member, or loved one! When you buy a BodyRock 6lb weighted vest, we will send you a second one, for free, to give to someone else! The only thing better than reaching your fitness goal is helping someone else reach theirs! This is too good to keep to yourself. Get your vest here. The workout breakdown: Work through these moves for the stated number of reps. It should take you about 30 minutes. For best results, do the circuit 3 times a week. A2-pinterest

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