#FitnessFacts: DANCING

dance-Dancing is more than just something people do for fun in clubs or dance studios- it can be a very beneficial workout & can be great for your health! -There are many obvious physical benefits to dancing, including improved posture, balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, & decreased body fat. -But there are many health benefits too! Dancing can decrease risk of high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, depression, anxiety, stroke, & even heart attack. -One of the most surprising benefits of dancing is it’s effect on the brain. Dancing uses a large portion of the brain that focuses on memory, motor skills, & perceptual abilities. This leads to stronger brain synapses & can help prevent brain diseases like dementia by a whopping 76%! -Dancing can lead to a large calorie burn as well- average calories burned in an hour of dancing can range anywhere from 400 to over 600! -Some studies have shown dancing can improve heart health, breathing, & mobility in people significantly greater than biking or treadmill cardio. -The social aspect of dancing has also shown to increase confidence & sense of well-being. This factor is also one of the main reasons people enjoy dancing... it’s fun! -Music also has a huge effect on why dancing is so beneficial (Check out my #FitnessFacts on MUSIC to find out why). -There are many styles & ways to dance! Whether it’s a night out in a club with friends, a class at a dance studio, a Zumba class at your gym, or even at home by yourself or with someone, get your body moving & enjoy the many benefits that dancing has to offer.

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