#FitnessFacts: FRIENDS


-The social aspect of interaction with friends can provide many health benefits, ranging from decreased stress, increased immunity, & even an average longer lifespan!

-Exercising with friends or workout partners can be greatly advantageous- studies have shown an increase of 160-200% in performance when exercising with a partner.

-Turning exercise into a social event can make it more enjoyable. Exercising alone can make time drag, while working out with a friend can make your workout time go by much more quickly.

-Your own thoughts can distract or slow you down from your workout- having a partner can keep you distracted from yourself & stay focused on the workout.

-Exercise with a partner allows for more accountability between the partners, which makes it more difficult to cut exercise time short or cancel a workout.

-2 brains are better than 1- a partner can bring different exercises, workouts, or activities to a fitness routine. People are also more likely to try something new when they are with a partner vs. alone.

-Having a partner makes workouts safer- especially if you’re lifting heavy & can benefit from a spotter.

-Workout partners can provide a great increase in motivation- especially if either or both people are competitive. A study showed participants performed even better when they were paired up with a workout partner who was fitter than they were. Men especially performed better when paired with a female who was fitter than them.

-Not everyone prefers to exercise with others- in fact there are those who perform better alone. But an occasional workout with a partner can be a fun way to add variety to your routine & maybe even increase performance.

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