#FitnessFacts: KISSING

Kissing has many health & even fitness benefits- including potentially increasing your life span!

Kissing is a workout for your face! It requires use of about thirty different facial muscles. A kissing session can tone your face & jawline, which increasing circulation to the skin.

You can burn anywhere from 1-4 calories a minute while kissing, depending on how passionate and physical the kiss is.

Kissing can help prevent tooth decay & cavities because of the increased production of saliva that it causes.

Kissing can be a major stress & anxiety reliever. Your body releases lots of chemicals when you kiss, including dopamine & endorphins, which make you feel good, & oxytocin, the chemical that makes you feel love or attachment.

Blood vessels dilate & circulation increases when you kiss, which can potentially lower your blood pressure!

Your immune system can actually benefit from kissing, since swapping spit exchanges germs. This forces your body to produce antibodies that can help prevent you from getting some types of sicknesses.

But be cautious when kissing & beware when making out with strangers- swapping spit means sharing at least 500 different types of bacteria with someone! This can potentially put you at risk for transmitting various diseases, including herpes, mono, colds, the flu, & in extreme cases even meningitis.

Always maintain good oral hygiene & avoid kissing if you or the other person is sick or has an active cold sore, wounds, or cuts around the lips or in the mouth.

Before kissing, avoid brushing your teeth since this can cause rupturing or bleeding of the gums, which can increase potential health hazards. Try mouth wash instead.

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