#FitnessFacts: SUGAR

-Sugar is a carbohydrate, and comes in many forms. Some are beneficial, while some can hinder your health & fitness.

-In moderation, sugar is an important and vital part of your diet. It is either used as an immediate energy source or saved for later use in your muscles, liver, or body fat.

-The body releases insulin when it detects too much sugar in the bloodstream to filter it out & store it for later. The problem with excess sugar intake is the excess insulin causes the sugar to be stored directly as body fat.

-A diet high in sugar can contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, & possibly type-2 diabetes.

-2 main forms of sugars are refined & unrefined. Refined sugars come in sources like table sugar, candy, & pastries. Unrefined sugars are found in fruits, some vegetables, & other natural foods.

-Foods that contain refined sugars are normally less healthy because the sugar content is usually high, the products usually include other unhealthy ingredients, & are usually high in calories.

-Foods that contain unrefined sugars are more beneficial because they are generally more nutrient dense, usually containing more vitamins, minerals, & fiber.

-Sometimes when the body’s blood sugar levels are low it causes sugar cravings. If you’re craving something sweet, try healthier sweet foods such as fruit, dark chocolate, or yogurt.

-The best time to consume sugar is post-workout. It helps carry nutrients to muscles, refuels energy storage, & helps aid recovery.

-If your primary goal is weight loss, minimizing sugar consumption can help decrease the amount of fat your body stores.


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