#Fitspiration: Trading in Hashtags for Personal Goals

Whether we're skinny shaming or fat shaming, we've been shunned for making remarks on people's bodies in return. It's safe to say social media has provoked a new movement of body image where we don't put people down for their figures, but raise them up. We share photos of beautifully big butts, start campaigns to promote owning your full-figured physique anywhere and everywhere, and submit stories on being naturally thin and owning it despite being bullied and accused for not eating. But, with a firm grasp on keeping it positive, we've turned to a new obsession.  We've replaced the shaming with a whole new type of, perhaps, aggressive outlook. From photos of people dripping in sweat, exhaustion smeared onto their faces, to hashtags like #feeltheburn, we may be encouraging an unachievable image for the masses. During an interview with the New York Times, "Girls" star Jemima Kirke discussed “the shame out of fitness,” pointing out that her workouts with Cadence Dubus, a seasoned nutritionist and pilates instructor, had implemented a new personal relationship between Kirke and her body and fitness. Dubus focuses on achievable goals for each individual. So, rather than one photo of a gorgeous figure followed by the hashtag "#fitspiration," she's alluding to the fact that what we're promoting as a whole is not valid per individual, and that's where society is screwing up. We can't set up impossible goals. We need to set up personal programs. “People want to just be real. They’re educated people who want to do things, and who’ve just realised that the constant shaming needs to stop," Dubus says. Do you feel like the fitness photos and hashtags prominent on today's social media are making you unhappy? Source: Irish Times  

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