Fitspirational Instagrammer Shares Incredible Post-Pregnancy Transformation

Super fit moms to be have been grabbing lots of attention lately. Maintaining a six pack throughout the course of your pregnancy is impressive (and apparently controversial) but it remains an unrealistic goal for some pregnant women. One Instagram star, known as @babybelly_to_sixpack, is taking a slightly different approach. She is sharing the steps of her own fitness journey, showing women that it is possible to stay in shape during your pregnancy and to snap back to your pre-baby body within months of giving birth. [caption id="attachment_126390" align="alignnone" width="246"](40 weeks pregnant) (40 weeks pregnant)[/caption] This mother-of-two first started sharing her weight loss journey in 2014, a year after giving birth to her first son. She weighed 196 pounds during her pregnancy and worked to get herself down to 145 pounds, sharing her progress and growing muscles every step of the way. [caption id="attachment_126391" align="alignnone" width="246"](11 weeks postpartum) (11 weeks postpartum)[/caption] When she discovered that she was pregnant with her second child, she kept right on going, sharing images of her healthy meals, lists detailing her workout routines, and videos of herself lifting at the gym. prego   "Preggo mamas: try to incorporate a core workout into your weekly routine to build your stomach muscles under that #babybelly," she said at 35 weeks. "I didn't do this last pregnancy and had a hard time losing the baby pooch." [bctt tweet="Fitspirational Instagrammer Shares Incredible Post-Pregnancy Transformation"] This fit mom's plan to stay svelte and healthy is more than just killing it in her home gym. When she knows she won't have time to workout at home, she fits one in  at the office, using the conference room on her lunch breaks. She also prevents dietary slips by planning and prepping her meals in advance. She has shared photos of her healthy meals which include salads, grilled chicken and veggies, yogurt, and snack sized bags she's filled with nuts, granola, or fruit (clean up your diet with a little help from the BodyRock Meal Plan). pregofood   Because she carried her healthy lifestyle throughout her second pregnancy, she noticed a big difference between it an her first pregnancy. "My body is sooooo different than last time! SO much more energy, no swollen body parts, and in a much better mood!" she said at 28 weeks. "Continuing a fit pregnancy was not easy!! It's so hard during the first trimester but don't get discouraged! I didn't exercise at all and didn't eat great until I felt better at 11 weeks, around the second trimester." This, of course, meant that she also saw a difference after she gave birth. At 40 weeks, she weighed 178 pounds and just one week after delivery, she was down to 158 pounds! "I'm amazed at how quickly my body is going back to 'normal.' I've lost 2lbs in one week. I've done no exercise, haven't really been eating great but HAVE been nursing around the clock. It really has made a HUGE difference," she said. She did start exercising again, of course, and by 8 weeks postpartum, she was down to 152.9 pounds. By 5 months postpartum, that number fell to 148 pounds. By 6 months, her abs reemerged. mom6 "Still a work in progress but I am very happy with my progress so far!" she said. And she should be happy! She's offered herself as an inspiration to women all over the globe. She has shown, in a way that feels accessible to many, that it is possible to stay in shape while pregnant and she has demonstrated just how much easier life can be when you do. Not only will your body recover more rapidly, you will just feel better. Are you inspired by this story? Have you embarked on your own fit mom journey? Tell us about it! Source: Daily Mail

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