Five Minutes of Funk: TOTAL BODY BURNOUT

The below workout is designed to stand on it's own, as  a 5 minute burnout, OR can be repeated 3x for a 15 minute program. When I designed it, I went for total body exercises for each minute. The goal here is that you work at or close to your max heart rate for each minute. I will tell you that after the first minute, I was already at 85% of my max heart rate. With that said, go at your own pace. If you are  a beginner, start off slow. You can also shoot for 30 seconds of each exercise and repeat them 2x thru for the 5 total minutes. I did NOT take any breaks during the 5 minutes, but if you need to, do so. If you don't, you can always rest AFTER the round, before starting a new one. The video below demonstrates each exercise if you are unfamiliar with them. There are a couple different moves within each exercise. Put on your favorite music, grab a towel, drink plenty of water and have a go!


1 minute for each exercise combo, 5 minutes total. Repeat 3x through for a 15 minute calorie torching workout! 1) 8 HIGH KNEES + 4 STAR JUMPS 2) 180 DEGREE POWER SQUATS 3) PUSH UP + STEP IN AND KICK THROUGH 4) 4 JUMP LUNGES + 4 TUCK JUMPS 5) 4 IN/OUT PLANK JACKS + 2 POWER JACK PUSH UPS ******************************************************** MODIFICATIONS  AND TIPS: 1) For the high knees, try and keep the knees at hip height, not lower. For the star jumps, make sure you are getting into a squatted position for the first part of the jump. Modification would be regular jacks. 2) For the 180 Power Squats, make sure you touch the ground each time you go into the wider squat position. Modification would be straight jump squats. 3) For the Push Up/Kick Thrus, keep you core stable and engaged the entire time. Take this move slow at first if you feel you are a little wobbly. You can modify by going down to your knees for the push up, and once you  step in and together at the top of the move, take out the kick and just place hands back on the ground and step back into the push up position. 4) For the jump lunges, keep the knees from going beyond the toes by jumping back far enough. You can modify by taking out the jump and just stepping back into the lunge. For the tuck jumps, you can either just do 1-2 tucks OR take it out all together and do jump squats. 5) For the plank jacks, keep core engaged, abs tight and bellybutton pulled in the entire time. You can modify by tapping the feet out one at a time, instead of jumping them out at the same time. For the power jack push ups, you can modify by going to your knees for the push up OR stepping the hands/feet out one at a time, instead of jumping them out at the same time.   Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!

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