Five Reasons to Stop Buying Garlic (And Start Growing It)

1. It's insanely good for you. Garlic is not only packed with vitamins to maintain good health, it also has several natural antibiotics that can cure your sicknesses. It can be used to treat the common cold, the flu, athsma, bronchitis, bacterial infections, diabetes and various other conditions. With winter on the way, and cold and flu season beginning, adding more garlic to your diet can keep you healthy. 2. It tastes way better than imported asian garlic. If you've never tried locally grown organic garlic, you're really missing out. It packs way more flavour per clove (you'll probably use half as much as usual) and the flavour is a lot richer. The cloves tend to be a lot jucier too so it's great for spreading the flavour through sauces and rubs. 3. It's that time of year. Planting garlic is super easy and harvesting is even easier. Bury the cloves in loose soil now and you don't have to think about them again until spring. Even in harsh winter climates, the bulbs will survive and ripen around June.  The Health Benefits of Garlic 4. It makes boring food delicious. Instead of snacking on potato chips, make garlic zucchini chips for a heathy alternative. Adding roasted garlic to baked veggies, legumes and salads gives them extra vitamins and extra flavour. Cut your sodium intake by dropping salt and drizzling garlic olive oil for an extra punch instead. This is one of the few plants that can be used as a flavouring agent, or used as a dish in its own right. Try baking it in the oven, or making garlic confit for a vitamin-rich snack. 5. It's pretty. Garlic can be planted close together and survive in most climates. It can be grown in a window box garden, an indoor herb garden or simply in loose ground soil. It also yields purple flowers that can add a colourful pop to your otherwise green herbs. Get involved. image

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