How To Fix A Broken Nail At Home with a Tea Bag

There are few things more irritating than a broken nail. But now, there is an answer. An answer that doesn't involve biting, pulling or clipping the offending nail. Broken nails are sometimes an unavoidable thing so follow these steps for a DIY fix that will save you a trip to the salon.

Step 1: Measure An Emptied Tea Bag To Your Nail

V3UPZgP Empty the bag of tea and then cut it into the shape and size of the broken nail.

Step 2: Apply Nail Glue

eSakrQP You can pick up glue at the drug store. Apply it to the entire nail.

Step 3: Apply The Paper Cut Out

IjKMGqA Smooth the paper over top of the glue using a pen or a nail file. The video's author recommends using a piece of cellophane over top to make sure you smooth it entirely and it is well attached.

Step 4: After It Dries, Cut Away Excess Paper

zVBZaHa Don't cut the nail but get as close to it as possible.

Step 5: Apply Another Coat of Nail Glue

Nsv4wBn Apply a thin coat on top of the paper. Let it dry.

Step 6: Apply Polish and Lightly Buff

2VM2AlD This paper is so transparent, you don't need to use any thing more than a top coat but you are free to add your favourite colour. Just buff any rough edges and you're good as new. Nothing like inexpensive problem solving! Check out the full video below:

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