Fix these Push-Up Mistakes

I just found out I'm doing push-ups wrong! My world is shattered, but thankfully I've fixed my mistakes. If you're anything like me, it's time to adjust your push-up form so that you're doing them right. Here are a few mistakes you may need to fix:

Twisted Wrists

If your wrists are turned inwards, it makes it easier for your chest but harder on your elbows and wrists. Instead, make sure your hands are pointed straight ahead, and grip the floor with your forearm for better posture.

Dropped Head

Touching your nose to the floor doesn't make the actual push-up any easier, it just means you have bad form. Avoid that stress on your neck by keeping your head in line with your spine, and DON'T MOVE IT! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Source:[/caption]

Flared Elbows

Flaring out your elbows makes it easier to push back up, particularly if your chest muscles are weak or tired. Unfortunately, that detracts from the workout for your triceps, so keep your elbows close to your body to isolate those bingo wings.

Raised Butt

If you can't keep your core tight, you won't get the proper intensity for that exercise--both for your upper body and core. Keep that butt in line with your back and legs, and squeeze your glutes and abs to keep your form tight.

Push-Ups on Knees

Just because it's easier, that doesn't make it better. If you can't finish the set on your hands, turn to an incline push-up rather than kneeling pushups. Incline push-ups take the weight off your hands, but still force you to keep the right form.  
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