F**k a New years resolution

A new year is here. WOW! I can't believe it is 2014, does anyone else feel the older we get the faster time goes? With a new year upon us everyone is trying to scramble to put together their New Years resolutions, almost always revolving a weight loss goal in the upcoming year. How many of us have promised to reach our fitness goals at the beginning of the year only to drop off around March? I see it all the time, every year with the same promise at the beginning of the next year. New years must have some special mo jo that really kicks our ass into high gear. That's great but out of the 45 percent of Americans who make resolutions only 8 percent actually reach their resolution goals, the effectiveness its not there.
And that's why I say F**k a New years resolution, start a life journey.
Let's face it goals are great, resolutions are not so effective. You have to dig deeper than just having a promise to yourself, you need to find a WHY? Why do you want to be fit, why do you want to work out, why do you want to eat healthy, to lose weight, to get a new job, to be more organized, to be happier. WHY? I really see a core element in any kind of change, we want to be better and improve on our weaknesses. When it comes to weight loss it has to be bigger than just looking good naked, that is minute compared to feeling comfortable being you!   PicsArt_1377629407384 I found a picture the other day that really put my whole journey into prospective. It was October of 2010 and I was determined to look amazing as Lady Gaga. I spent the whole month before dieting and in the gym. I was eating near nothing and spending hours on the treadmill hoping to lose just a few pounds, instead I gained 5 . I GAINED 5 LBS after a month of hard work! How was that even possible on less than 500 calories a day and cardio? Clearly I didn't understand how weight loss worked. It is not as simple as energy in vs energy out, you have to fuel your body. I was so frustrated with working out that after that Halloween party I stopped going to the gym all together. What was the point of eating clean and working out if my pants were getting smaller on me? You might be feeling the same way.
I cancelled my gym membership but my journey didn't stop there.
The very next week I remembered bodyrock.tv, the blog I had been following for a couple years but was to intimidated to even attempt. I admired our instructor, the pep talks by Freddy and the honest realness about finding strength. This came at a time in my life when I was trying to find myself. My husband and I had just split and I was supporting my son alone. Add this to my young age of 23 and the unhealthy lifestyle I had been living since I was 12 years old and you have a lost, broken and scared girl. I think its important to be honest about our life stories, our struggles and how we have been able to overcome them. I can't think of a better platform to do so on. Here it goes: My name is Britney and I grew up in a small suburban town in California. I have always been bullied and picked on mostly because I would make friends with the "outcasts" and never cared about being popular. I was awkward and the inconsistency in my home caused me to move classrooms several times throughout the year,every year. I was never able to make any solid friends and I always felt like the new girl. I have been insecure ever since I can remember, and never felt comfortable being Britney. I have always wanted to live someone else's life, have someone else's story and be anything BUT what I was. To sum up this part of my life- I felt alone, depressed and not good enough. This was the start of my depression, suicidal thoughts and self destruction that would follow me for the next 18 years. I started drinking when I was 12 years old, I tried my first drug when I was 14 and I struggled with addiction on and off for many years. This leads me to October of 2010. I had struggled with having a healthy relationship with food for years, some years were better than others but I was still very inconsistent there too. It was hard for me to eat and even the thought of food was sickening which left me very weak, lethargic and irritable.
One day I woke up and decided that something had to change. I decided to commit to bodyrock.tv for at least a month.
I started in my kitchen with a book bag for a weight, a mirror to watch my form and a journal to track my journey. I couldn't finish ONE workout that month but I kept going! This was the beginning of 2011-I didn't make a New Years resolution, I made a lifetime commitment that year and I promised that I would never stop no matter how hard it got. I felt ALIVE, happy, accomplished. I had not felt like this for years! I  stepped on a scale after 6 months, I gained 5 lbs but I felt amazing. I had abs, strength and I was eating 4-6 times per day. My passion for cooking came back, I was no longer depressed, I could run without stopping but most importantly I had found something healthy to dive all my energy into. My faith came back, I was smiling and despite all the things I had gone through the last few years: divorce, death, surgery and a back injury, my physical fitness kept me grounded and had given me a sense of purpose. [caption id="attachment_35539" align="aligncenter" width="300"]April,2011; 4 months in April,2011; 4 months in[/caption] I am now able to help other people reach their health, fitness and nutrition goals. I have been put in places to inspire others to KEEP going, to STOP obsessing over the scale and to find their STRENGTH. You might not see the change right away but its happening, one day at at time. Don't give up on yourself, you deserve to overcome anything that is keeping you from being the best version of YOU. We are here cheering you on! I want to see you succeed, from your small milestones to your greatest accomplishments. [caption id="attachment_35177" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Fit Club Fit Club; started Oct '12[/caption] The power of NUTRITION is amazing! Everything placed on this earth was made for our bodies to thrive, to keep sickness and disease away! Throw away the boxes, the processed lunches, the food that lasts longer than it should. Grab the fruit, crunch on the veggies, eat your beans. Enjoy a great life, healthy digestion and a beautiful fit body with a sound MIND. You are so worth it. NEVER GIVE UP! Rock through your life! Its the only one you will ever get, make it what you have always dreamed of. You deserve the very best! So F**k a New Years resolution, make a lifetime commitment to make a decision everyday that will help you reach your goals. [caption id="attachment_35171" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bodyrock book 2011 Bodyrock journal 2011[/caption]                   [caption id="attachment_35173" align="alignleft" width="300"]Consistency is key Consistency is key[/caption]                   [caption id="attachment_35211" align="alignleft" width="300"]Today at 126 lbs Today at 126 lb[/caption]                       Love always, Britney Green

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