What the F**K is Trapfit?

Every year new fitness classes and trends emerge because we are always looking for a new way to work our bodies and have fun doing it. Remember going to the circus as a kid and seeing the trapeze artists and being so amazed by what they were doing? Well now it’s your turn with this new workout called Trapfit. Trapfit is the newest fitness craze to hit Hollywood. Trapfit uses personal trapezes for deep core work, cardio and full body strengthening. “Trapfit is a fusion of aerial arts and fitness combined with lower body and upper body strengthening,” says instructor Joshuah Michael from West Hollywood. Trapfit looks fun because you get to swing on a professional level trapeze but the moves and work that you end up doing require an incredible amount of core strength. These classes aren’t just fun and games you are really getting a full body workout. Aerial activities usually only done by circus performers and members of the cast of Cirque De Soleil are now being used in many forms of fitness. Engaging is aerial activities burn up to 300-400 calories per hour. Aerial activities also provide a sense of mental clarity and relaxedness just like yoga. During aerial activities more oxygen flows to the brain, which promotes feelings of well being. Using a trapeze makes you feel free as you soar through the air and that puts you in a relaxed and calm state. The class starts with a 20 minute warm-up followed by 20 minutes of upper body work using an aluminum and rubber bar called a “jelly body bar.” The “jelly body bar” is used to get the muscles in the shoulders and back warmed up so that when you get to the trapeze you don’t pull anything. You will be using every muscle in your arms, shoulders and back and stretching those muscles in ways you don’t normally stretch them so that’s why the warm up in this class is so important. After everyone is sufficiently warmed up it is time to move to the trapezes, the last 20 minutes of class are spent learning aerial trapeze moves that work your entire body. Expect to be sore after this class because it is challenging. At the end of this class you feel like you could run off and join the circus because you know the moves and are strong enough to perform them. In just one hour you have worked every inch of your body and learned many trapeze moves and routines. This workout is worth trying because it is fun, different and you feel the burn all over.

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