Flabby To Fit In 12 Weeks: Overweight Office Worker Reveals How He Became Trainer To The Stars

Lloyd Stevens, 35, worked long hours at the office and had no time for exercise. Before he knew it, he was overweight and miserable. After seeing himself in holiday photos, Stevens decided everything had to change. He undertook a 12 week training program and in doing so, changed his life. In those 3 months, Stevens lost 2 stone and got an incredible six pack. He quit his job and moved on to being a personal trainer to the stars. His secret? Intense exercise and a healthy diet. Stevens explains, "nutrition played a key part in helping me achieve my physique. In the past I tried complicated diets where I denied my body what it needed. It's much easier to just simplify your eating habits. When I look back at what I used to consider as a healthy breakfast it's almost laughable." For breakfast, Stevens used to eat a bowl of cereal with a banana. For lunch, a sandwich with cold meats and a salad with a can of soda. Sometimes, lunch was spent at the pub with clients where he would order something like a burger and chips. Dinner was always carbohydrate heavy like pasta followed by dessert. Snacks were cereal bars, chocolate bars, fruit or a packet of crisps. He said, "I was on a pretty high-carb-based diet compared to now, as I eat a balanced protein, carb and fat diet and eat between four and six meals a day. Now I start my day with a turkey steak, greens and eggs. I know it's a cliché, but my whole transformation has been like a hurricane. It's had lots of ups and downs but right now I'm most certainly on a high. I think one of the most defining moments for me was when I entered an online physique competition and walked away with the title." This new lifestyle has had a positive impact on other areas of his life too. He reports having gained the pounds living the corporate 9 to 5, sitting all day and only getting exercise when walking from the car park to the office. Now, he's met his girlfriend through training and they travel to fitness expos together and encourage one another through their workouts. Stevens says of his transformation, "I knew that wasn't enough for me. I wasn't enjoying my job because I knew I wasn't making people happy. I quit my well-paid job and retrained to become a personal trainer. Just nine weeks after I qualified, I was given the opportunity to travel to India for twelve weeks to work with major Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. It was extremely humbling. After that, my career went from strength to strength. When I returned from India, I was offered a job at a top gym in London. I love my job as it's making people happy and helping them achieve their personal goals. Five years ago I never would have dreamt of being this in shape, let alone helping others to look like me." What a great story! What sorts of things do you do to stay out of this office working weight trap?  

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