A Flat Stomach Four Days After Giving Birth

A footballer's wife has defended her decision to post an image of her flat stomach four days after she gave birth.  Caroline Berg Eriksen - who is married to Norwegian Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen - was criticised for putting pressure on other new mothers to lose weight with the photograph.  Bloggers have said that to get the washboard waist in such a short space of time was physically impossible, but the 26-year-old has said she did not intend on upsetting anyone with the selfie. article-2515971-19B9CC8700000578-402_634x628   The amount of traffic to her website has doubled since the scandal to two million visitors as the semi-nude image spread online. Mrs Berg Eriksen, who lives in a rural Norwegian town with her husband who plays for Odd Grenland and daughter, told Good Morning America: ‘I think that all women should be proud of themselves, regardless of how they look after labour. article-2515971-19B9CC7B00000578-253_634x469 ‘During the pregnancy people kept telling me that my body would never would be the same.  I wanted to tell everybody that that is not entirely true. Right after birth, like three minutes after, I felt like myself again.’  Mrs Berg Eriksen has previously replied to her critics on Facebook, saying: 'I let out the picture because I'm proud of myself and my body for something as tough as a pregnancy / birth, and I think all mothers, regardless of the body shall be.' article-2515971-19B9CC8300000578-314_634x426 The blogger was also backed by Gro Nylander, head of the women's clinic at the Norwegian National Hospital.  According to the a local newspaper she said: 'I don't think we should bully The Footballer's Wife.  Life is unfair, some people have flat stomachs while others have pouts.'   The doctor added that new mothers must understand that every body responds differently to pregnancy and that is was not productive to compare to other women.  The most imporant thing is to be kind to your body. It's a positive thing to have a few extra kilos on your body after birth,' she said. (Daily Mail article here) When I ran across this article I was immediately struck by the amount of backlash against the idea that there are even women out there that are capable of looking just as wonderful as they did before they were pregnant.  Pregnancy and motherhood, from experience, are incredibly difficult.  Even though society doesn't wish to admit it, mothers are the bedrock of society-training young minds and hearts to be the future.  Perhaps that is why we think that we have so much license to harp on women about how they are raising their children or the decisions that they make with their bodies.  But we don't. Pregnancy is extremely difficult and it takes a huge toll on the female body.  I wholeheartedly agree that there is no other measure by which you should compare yourself to-only the person you were yesterday.  While its amazing to have a body that can bounce back from pregnancy and birth so quickly...those first few months with your new little angel are so much more precious. Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_100603" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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