Flirty Thirties

There’s new research conducted by that say women reach their sexual peak at age 31, the same age as Kate Bosworth, Nicki Minaj, and Anne Hathaway. flirtythirtykatebosworth Well thank god. If at my age of 23 I was expected to already have had the best sex of my life, then life is just not worth living. 31 is apparently the average age when a woman feels the most confident in her sexual ability, and is the most comfortable with her body, in a new study of about 2,000 people polled between ages 18-60. The lowest point of their sexual sureness? Age 25, just 6 years previously. Here are a few interesting statistics that the poll uncovered: -       1 in 4 people have a poor sex life. -       Men’s peak performance is at age 33 -       Average rating of good sexual experiences was 44% -       only 12% describe their current sex life is “very good” -       Men are three times more likely to initiate sex in a relationship [caption id="attachment_44252" align="alignnone" width="507"]Anne Hathaway with hubby Adam Shulman Anne Hathaway with hubby Adam Shulman[/caption] Some of the facts are a bit obvious: being in a loving, long-term relationship enables women to express themselves physically, and I can only assume, get more out of sex. Some of the facts are surprising: being comfortable and communication are rated more important in a sex life than being attracted to the other person. And some are just straight up sad: 30% of the survey participants feel trapped in their dull routine sex life. There are however a couple of uplifting statistics; that 44% believe in love at first sight, and that 1 in 10 people knew “instantly” that they wanted to be with their partner. 2000 isn’t the largest pool of people, so it would be interesting if these findings held consistently with a larger survey base, especially since if the majority of these statistics are kind of depressing.  

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