Florida Mother Loses 106 Pounds While Still Eating Pizza, Ice Cream and Chocolate

28-year-old, Molly Lowe, made a New Year's resolution in 2014 that she obviously managed to keep. Weighing 267 pounds, she resolved to get healthy and less than 2 years later, she weighs 161 pounds and has completely changed her life. Formerly a yo-yo dieter, Lowe struggled with weight most of her life, always being the tallest (she's 5'9") and heaviest girl in her class but it wasn't until her daughter was born in 2012 that things really got out of control. It was at her first doctor's appointment post-baby that Lowe discovered she hadn't lost a single pound. "So here I was — huge, miserable, and crying," she said. "However, my misery didn’t stop me from leaving that appointment and heading off into a several-month-long binge. In fact, it steered me right into the Burger King drive-thru and probably to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts for dessert." lowe2 lowe4 [bctt tweet="Florida Mother Loses 106 Pounds While Still Eating Pizza, Ice Cream and Chocolate"] She only got heavier. Lowe was suffering with postpartum depression and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS can not only contribute to weight gain, it can make weight difficult to lose. Lowe hit rock bottom. With her marriage falling apart and an inability to find joy interacting with those she loved, Lowe knew that her weight was a contributing factor and decided things needed to change. lowe Lowe knew that it was going to take more than just another 'diet plan' and committed herself to flexible dieting and began to count macronutrients instead of just calories. Eating this way meant that if she wanted to have a burger, or eat in a restaurant, she could. It helped her to repair her relationship with food. Lowe has found a way to stop using food as a reward and workouts as a punishment for eating. She allows herself the occasional indulgence, especially around special occasions. "I try to have a 'treat' every day," she explained. "Whether it’s a serving of ice cream or half of a Hershey’s chocolate bar, I make it fit into my macros for the day." If she does fall off the wagon, she gets right back up. "A few off days won’t ruin all the hard work I have put in. A few bad meals and missed workouts won’t make or break me. I’m a realist. This is a lifetime commitment and if I honestly start to believe that I won’t have any setbacks, then I would be lying to myself. The important thing is that I remain consistent," Lowe explains. A month into her flexible eating plan, Lowe started doing cardio and strength training 5 days a week. She was pleased to discover that she really liked strength training, finding it made her feel strong and empowered. Losing the weight boosted Lowe's confidence levels but it also helped her depression and improved her PCOS symptoms! lowe3 The most amazing part is that the longer Lowe sticks with her plans, the easier she finds it to do. She said she no longer thinks much about eating healthy, she just does it. This isn't to say that she doesn't pay attention to what she eats, just that that her lifestyle has made tracking food feel more natural. "Tracking everything I eat puts it all out there, black and white, so that if and when I gain weight, I’ll know why. And when I lose weight, I’ll know why," she explained. Lowe is proof that losing weight and being healthy means making a commitment to living differently. But she's also proof that it doesn't have to be a miserable experience. It is possible to change your life and still enjoy it! What do you think of this incredible transformation? Source: Daily Mail Images: Facebook

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