FLOTUS Arms in 3 Easy Steps

I'm getting married in about 3 months, and I want my arms to look like First Lady Michelle Obama's arms! Plus, I want to be able to bang out 100 plank style push ups no problem. The solution to both? Three easy steps, so join me! In this progressive workout, you'll be progressing from push-ups off your kitchen counter, to incline push-ups, to full plank push-ups. Before you begin though, test yourself to see where you're at as far as push up ability goes. To do this, see how many push ups you can do on your toes (plank push ups). If you can do at least 3-4 good reps then start in step 3. If you can only do a few incline push ups (like off a chair, couch, or your equalizer) then start on step 2. If you're an absolute beginner then start at the beginning.  Once you know where you need to start, follow the schedule shown below.


Comment below and let me know how your FLOTUS arms are coming along!

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