How F****n Lazy are We?

It seems that food keeps getting easier and easier, but should it be too easy? How f****n' lazy can we get? Fast food revolutionized the eating industry, enabling people to sit, dine, and dash all in under 5 minutes. The food started out as deliciously tasty goodness, but look at the c**p they're selling today. This video of Patton Oswalt is a pretty realistic look at the quality of fast food today... Here are a few examples of just how lazy we have gotten, and how restaurants and fast food chains cater to the laziness of human nature:

KFC Go Cupkfc-go-cup-660

Big Gulp, meet High Fat!

Food takeout websites


Order food without the effort of even walking to the phone.

Ordering food via Xbox


Order food while playing video games - does it get lazier?!

Burger King delivery service


Now the c**p that is BK burgers will come right to your home.

Fast Franks


As if hot dogs weren't bad enough already…

Mashed Tater Bowl


Artificial mashed potatoes piled high with GMO corn and fake chicken - what a treat!

Simply Bake Bars


So now it's too much work to put pre-packaged dough into a baking tray, so the dough has to come in a container?

Every vending machine


Yes, feel the trans fat and sodium flow through you…

Popcorn Chicken


Tiny, bite-sized pieces of ground up chicken offal - totally delicious!

The Double Down


It's probably too hard for the "technicians" at KFC to place the fillets between two pieces of bread, so now it's a sans bread option…

Doritos Locos Tacos


All of the health of deep-fried tortilla chips loaded Taco-style…



Yay, now we're eating vegetables with our flour tortillas and deep friend chicken. We're so healthy!

Pizza Pockets


It's a free heart attack with every bite of frozen lava-filled artificial pizza-like thing!

  Thanks to food like the ones above, we have people like this: Laziness She actually pulled up a chair to stand in the fast food line. Was the line not moving fast enough and she got tired?   How lazy can we get? God save us all if that's the way the country is going...

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