Follow These Tips To Break Up With Soft Drinks Forever

It doesn't seem fair that something so delicious could be so terrible for your health. But, when it comes to soft drinks, that is the cold, hard, truth. These sweet, sugary bevvies have been linked to an increased risk of type 2  diabetes, heart attack, gout, osteoporosis, and obesity. Diet soft drinks must be better, right? Not so much. They may contain no sugar but they are often laced with artificial sweeteners and chemicals that are far from helpful in the health department. The science is still unsure about the long term health risks associated with diet soft drinks but some current data shows a connection between them and  tooth decay, osteoporosis, heart disease and depression. The best case scenario is to leave all soft drinks behind. If you are in a state of panic, trying to wonder how you will ever make it happen, here are some suggestions to help you break the habit: 1. Don't buy any: If you want to avoid drinking soft drinks, simply don't purchase any. It doesn't get any easier than that. 2. Know your triggers: Think about it, do you find yourself more inclined to drink soft drinks at a certain time of day or when you are in a certain location? If you know what triggers you to drink them, you can find strategies that will better help you deal with those situations when they arise. [bctt tweet="Follow These Tips To Break Up With Soft Drinks Forever"] sodaaddiction   3. Take it slow: If you have been drinking several soft drinks a day for many years, you might want to take yourself off them slowly. Cut yourself down to one a day for several weeks than reduce to a few a week until you are no longer drinking any. 4. Make a healthy swap: What if we told you it was possible to trade your soft drink for something just as delicious but a whole lot healthier? Water is where it's at! And while it may not sound appealing, you can dress up water in so many wonderful ways. Infusing your water with some berries or some lemon is tasty. Or, try adding some cucumber or mint. It will be so refreshing you'll wonder why you weren't sipping it sooner. 5. Have a cup of tea: Herbal teas, along with green and white teas, provide you with some wonderful health boosting benefits that are lacking in soft drinks. They can give you a nice hit of flavour and a little boost of caffeine if you are needing one. 6. Remind yourself: If making these healthy switches don't lead you to fewer soft drink cravings, ask yourself the following about why you are quitting:
  • is it to improve your health?
  • to reduce your intake of artificial sweeteners?
  • to reduce your intake of phosphoric acid?
  • to reduce your intake of caffeine?
  • to save money?
Remember, whatever your answers or your reasons, you will feel so much better. If you are looking to adopt some other healthy habits, check out a few of our workouts! If you've never worked out before, sign up for our Beginner Bootcamp Challenge. This 30 day program will get you working hard without leaving you feeling overwhelmed. If you need something a little more advanced, have a look at the Daily Hiit Show. In these real time workouts, Jacqui will sweat and work right along with you, giving you advice and encouragement along the way. Head here to sign up by clicking the "workouts" box. Have you given up a soft drink habit? How did you do it?

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