Follow This 3-Step Plan To Get Back Into Your Healthy Routine

Sadie Lincoln is a group fitness instructor and profoundly understands what she calls the "shame spiral." We bet you know it too! You miss a few workouts or eat a huge bag of potato chips in a moment of weakness and because you feel like a failure, you slip again until you're caught in a back-breaking free fall. While most people are quick to blame willpower, that isn't the culprit. Everyone slips. The problem arises when you come to define yourself by these slips. Forgive yourself for the slip and get on with things. Lincoln has a 3-step plan that can help you avoid this "shame spiral," which, of course, is particularly important over the course of the temptation-laden holiday season. She calls this plan the Three A's. 3-step plan to get back into a healthy routine [bctt tweet="Follow This 3-Step Plan To Get Back Into Your Healthy Routine"]

1. Acknowledge your behaviour

Simply take note of what you are doing. "I am standing in my kitchen polishing off a family sized bag of chips even though I told myself I wouldn't."

2. Accept your actions

Don't beat yourself up over it, be kind: "of course I'm eating chips. It has been a long day and I wanted something salty and crunchy. They are my favourite!"

3. Ask yourself one simple question

Ask "what do I really need right now?" and really listen to the answer. INPOST-exercise This practice will not only help you change the behaviour in the moment or help you take it back, but it will help you skip feeling shameful and guilty about it. It makes you self-aware, which is key because as Lincoln says, "You are your own best teacher." It is important to remember that slipping up on your diet doesn't mean you have failed. Lincoln says: "If you create rigid rules for yourself about exercise and eating, you’ll not only set yourself up for failure, you’ll also start to associate healthy living with negative feelings — and that’s a guaranteed way to fall off the healthy wagon for good. But if you’re realistic and compassionate toward yourself, you’ll be able to miss that workout and eat those cookies, and then get right back to your healthy life." 3-step plan to get back into a healthy routine You are human, things happen. Just know that not all is lost if you indulge over the holidays or skip a workout. Remember that each moment is a new moment. Just because you had a second helping of dessert at dinner today doesn't mean you can't get right back into the swing of things tomorrow. Cut yourself a little slack now and then! How do you deal with the shame associated with skipped workouts and indulgent meals? Source: Mind Body Green

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