Following Dreams...

Have you ever met anyone who says to you, "No.  I don't have dreams.  I don't care about what happens in my future."

Right.  No one says that.  And if by some twist of fate you do find someone who says's because they're jaded.  And they did have dreams.  Big ones.

I have so many.  I'd like to publish a book, I'd like to spend a year traveling around France, and maybe someday have a clothing line of my own.

Dreams are incredibly scary.  Take publishing a book...there are so many who fail.  But even then it's not really failure.  They still have in their hands-a manuscript.  They pushed themselves mentally to write finish put themselves out there.  And for that reason alone, the scariness, is why so many dreams are not realized.  It takes a crazy amount of effort with no guarantee that they will be realized.

But really...what else is there in life but to dream and to dream big?  You have to fight for what you want.  You have to push yourself beyond what you think you can accomplish.  I may never have my own clothing line and my husband and I may never spend our year in France.  But honestly, I'd rather try and make something happen than to sit back and watch my life go by wishing I had the courage to follow my heart.

It's also why I'm so passionate about BodyRock, you don't have to be just have to put the work in.  One step at a time.  That's how dreams are achieved.

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