What Your Food Cravings Really Mean

Believe it or not, your cravings can say a lot about your overall general health. We often crave things, for a reason. It is our bodies' way of telling us, "Hey, give me what I need!" However, what we think we need is often the opposite of what our bodies are truly asking for. Here is an awesome chart featuring the most common cravings, the mineral or nutrient your body is asking for, and what to eat to curb that craving! _DSC4245 If you are craving.....                you need.......                                                       eat this instead......
  • Chocolate                            Magnesium                                                                         Nuts, seeds, fruits
  • Bread                                   Nitrogen                                                                               Protein: fish, meat, chicken, beans
  • Sweets/Candies                 Chromium, Carbon, Sulfur, Tryptophan                   Broccoli, cheese, fresh fruit, poultry, beef, fish, chicken,
  • Coffee                                   Phosphorus, Sulfur, Iron                                                 Chicken, beef, liver, egg yolks, red pepper, garlic, onion
  • Oily/Fatty Foods                Calcium                                                                               Greens, cheese, kale, legumes, broccoli
  • Alcohol                                 Protein, Calcium, Glutamine, Avenin                            Meats, poultry, greens, cheese, oatmeal, granola
  • Soda                                      Clacium                                                                                Greens, cheese, kale, legumes, broccoli
  • Salty foods                           Chloride                                                                                Fish, goats milk
  • PMS                                      Zinc                                                                                        Red Meats, Seafoods, Root veggies
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