Food Hacks: 4 Healthy Snacks You Can Make in Record Time

Scrolling through Instagram, flipping through TV channels and staring at your co-workers endlessly crafty snack supply of ridiculously healthy ingredients can make you feel lazier and unhealthier than ever. It seems much easier to stock up on chips, granola bars and Cup O Noodles than it does to actually concoct something from scratch that displays the colors of the rainbows for your next social media post. healthy snack But maybe these snack aficionados have it right. I mean, other people live busy lives, too, so they can't be spending hours putting together those midday treats, right? So what's their secret? Food hacks! You can have your (healthy) cake and eat it too if you want. Impress your Insta followers, your cubicle mate, or just send a picture to your mother to show her you're not only eating right, but being a real grown up and giving that vending machine a rest. 1. Sweet potato crisps healthy snack It's time to switch out your unhealthy chips for the good stuff. Grab some sweet potatoes, thinly slice them, leaving the skin on, add any seasoning of your choice and toss it all together with some oil in a bowl. Bake the potatoes until the edges begin crisping, then let them cool for about 5 minutes. 2.  Banana toast healthy snack Grab a slice of whole grain bread, toast to your liking, spread almond butter or peanut butter on, and slice up a banana to top it all off. Want a little extra texture with an added bonus of protein, fiber, healthy fats and minerals? Sprinkle a liberal amount of chia seeds on top! 3. Frozen yogurt blueberries healthy snack Store bought yogurt covered fruit hides a lot of sugar and unwanted calories. If you want to do it the right way, then stick a toothpick into a blueberry, submerge it in Greek yogurt, place on a tray lined with parchment paper and freeze them. 4. Frozen banana bites healthy snack Have a sweet tooth? This is your healthy go-to option. Slice the bananas, stick together with peanut butter, freeze and then coat with chocolate. What healthy homemade snacks do you like to make to save your waistline and your time? Source: Cosmopolitan

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