Are You Food Obsessed?

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who was perpetually in a state of hunger, but after looking at Buzzfeed’s hilarious list of 26 struggles only people who are constantly hungry will understand, maybe I am! So many of the points were relatable, although I’d have to insert an addendum or two. I definitely get hangry. When I haven’t eaten I become irritable and grumpy, and can’t seem to think straight, but this is actually a pretty rational reaction, considering that your brain burns the most calories in your body. hungry hangry I also always grocery shop with a list, and never on an empty stomach, but I feel like this is a good idea for everyone – food obsessed and not, it cuts down on unnecessary purchases. hungry grocery shopping   Also, drunk food is important! You want your body to absorb all that alcohol, right? And with proper planning you can keep your drunk eating fairly healthy.   hungry drunk food Most of these things I laughed at or agreed with, but I have to say I disagreed with the point about hating when people take pictures of their food because it is wasted time. I will often take pictures of my food, especially if it looks particularly good, or if I spent a long time making it, because I know that in moments it will be devoured. When it comes to dining out, I do agree that watching another table get their food is possibly the most heartbreaking feeling in the world. hungry waiter Although, I actually enjoy when I get my food first and I wait for other people’s food to arrive, it builds a sense of anticipation. As for asking if someone’s going to finish that, we share food in my family, we ALWAYS ask – or, sometimes we just help ourselves to someone else’s food, something my sister-in-law makes fun of us for constantly. hungry finish that? My hunger doesn’t necessarily have a reputation with friends and family, but my eating habits certainly do. This kind of ties in to the point about people trying to talk to you while you’re eating. hungry talking People trying to talk to me while I eat is entirely futile. I become so absorbed in my eating that I block out the rest of the world, as greatly evidenced by my surprise birthday party, at which we got burritos, and as I ate my burrito people came out to say surprise and it took me a solid 30 seconds to come out of my food daze and compute what was happening. Also, a friend of mine had been hiding completely in plain site, sipping a beer, which caused my other friends to laugh – I was completely unaware because of my burrito-centricity. What I’ve realized from this flood of gifs, is that I am not food obsessed, but I do truly enjoy eating. It’s not just what you eat that determines how healthy you are, it’s when, how much, and why you eat – I like to think, and hopefully I’m right, that my food appreciation helps rather than hinders my overall health. hungry food love

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