spoon_and_fork We all love to eat right? I know I do. I love to gather around a table with the people I love and share a meal! Sharing a meal dates back to the beginning of times. Its so easy for me to get going eating, drinking and chatting and completely forget that "oh yeah I am completely over eating." I can run into a gas station and grab a quick snack, I can wonder into the kitchen late at night....We all have bad food habits- So what is the answer to defeating the bad habits for good? I have read countless books and blogs about food rules and here are the ones I have set up for myself that I TRY to live by. Pick a number The more ingredients in a packaged food the more likely it is extremely processed. If you cant pronounce the ingredient or you wouldn't have it in your own pantry then probably don't eat it. So pick your own number of ingredients and stick with that. I try to stick with the magic number 5. You Fake Stay away from imitation foods such as artificial sweeteners, margarine, fake meats and starches. Hits close to home Shop local, support your local farmers and buy fresh veggies, fruits and meats. You can even get snacks such as seeds and nuts there! Four corners When you have to go to the grocery store think about hitting each corner. Stay on the outside perimeters of the store. The junk usually is in the middle of the store. Spice it up Salt and sweeten your foods yourself. Foods that have been made from large companies are usually packed with salt and sugar. If you season yourself you can make it taste how you like and it will take significantly less sugar and salt than you would if you let a company do it for you. Its Alive! Everyone probably has seen the photos of fast food that has sat for months and even years and it looks exactly the same- no mold or bacteria growth to be seen-YUK! The more processed the longer self-life. Real food lives-therefore dies. Stretchy pants Stop eating before you are full. Don't wear your stretchy pants to the table so you can just keep eating and eating. I am convinced this is how I gained so much weight while pregnant. I never felt my belly expanding because my pants expanded also! Our culture teaches that it is rude to leave food on our plate. I say dish up smaller portions and don't stuff yourself to the top. It's not a race I do love a good race but not when it come to my meals. Enjoy your food you have prepared or someone has prepared for you. If you savior it you will be less likely to want to eat again so quickly. Cooking is an art-- enjoy the art. Community Most of us are less likely to overeat in public. Invite a friend over for a meal! Garden Get a window box or a garden so you can have something fresh with every meal and you can take ownership of your food. When my kids help with the garden they get to see their hard work pay off and they are excited to eat what they have grown! These are just a few of my rules that I like to live by. CHEERS FRIENDS! MomStrong boss  

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