Food Villains #13: Tuna Melt

You'd think that a tuna sandwich would be healthy, but in the case of the tuna melt, you'd be dead wrong! Tuna is one of the best proteins ON THE PLANET, so how did it go so wrong? We start off by LOADING your tuna with enough mayonnaise to drown the fishy taste. Add lots of sodium-heavy flavorings, and top off the sandwich with a fairly high-fat cheese. Slather that mixture between two slices of white bread, and add the token veggie topping here or there. Toss it in the oven, and cook until the cheese melts. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source:[/caption] The Large Tuna Melt serve at Quiznos is the perfect example of how unhealthy this can be. With each sandwich, you get:
  • 1,495 calories
  • 1,970 mg of sodium
  • 101 grams of fat
That's FAR TOO MUCH of all the bad stuff you want to avoid! It may be made with tuna, but it's so full of other stuff that it's gone past the point of being "healthy". My advice: Find a leaner sandwich. (Think roast beef, turkey ham, or pretty much anything that isn't 95% mayonnaise.)  
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