Food Villains #15: Loaded Omelets

We've all tried these massive breakfast omelets at restaurants like IHOP and Denny's. The tempting breakfasts are loaded with all of our favorite things (bacon, sausage, cheese, cream, and more), and they're just so delicious-looking that we can't say "no". While having a big breakfast is a good way to start off the day, perhaps the word "big" doesn't apply to these omelets. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Source:[/caption] Take, for example, the Big Steak Omelette served at IHOP. While delicious and wonderfully meaty, the steak-heavy omelet offers:
  • 1,210 calories
  • 2,380 mg of sodium
  • 81 grams of fat
That's ALL the sodium you should be eating in a day, more than half your calorie intake, and WAY TOO MUCH fat for a breakfast. While I love a hearty omelet, perhaps those are just a bit too hearty. Adding bacon, cheese, steak, sausage, and all those other tasty treats to your omelet may make for a delicious breakfast, but not the most nutritious one. My advice: Go for regular eggs--scrambled, poached, or fried. (Or, if you have to have an omelet, make it a veggie-rich omelet to start the day out right!)
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