Food Villains #16: TV Dinners

Saying TV Dinners are bad is like saying the ocean is "a bit bigger than my backyard pool". The average TV dinner is made to be cooked in the microwave or oven, but how many of us have time to wait for the meal to cook in the oven? Into the microwave it goes! The frozen meals are already made with highly refined, processed ingredients, not to mention plenty of additives and preservatives. The freezing process kills off a lot of the nutrients, and placing that food in the microwave is the coup de grace. When you finally plop that TV dinner on your lap and shove it into your face, you end up with a tasty, nutritionless meal that is ALMOST ALWAYS high-calorie. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Source:[/caption] For example, the White Meat Chicken Pot Pie made by Stouffer's contains:
  • 1,180 calories
  • 1,860 mg of sodium (nearly 80% of sodium DV)
  • 68 grams of fat
That's a LOT of calories, considering that there is almost NO nutritional value in your dinner. My advice:  Cook your own darn dinner! (Don't be lazy, but prep food beforehand if you won't have time to cook when dinner rolls around. Even a veggie-loaded sandwich is better than this meal!)  
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