Food Villains #18: "Vegetarian" Sandwiches

When you hit Subway, Quiznos, Jersey Mike's, or Jason's Deli, you may think, "I'm going to get a vegetarian sub because it's lower in calories and saturated fat." Well, it may be A BIT lower in calories, but, truth be told, you're not going to get off that lightly. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="550"] Source:[/caption] Take, for example, the "Special Vegetarian Sub" sold at Blimpie's. In each 12-inch sandwich, you get:
  • 1,180 calories
  • 59 grams of fat
  • 3,540 mg of sodium (WAY more than is healthy)
  • 131 grams of carbs
While the sandwich is loaded with vegetables, it's also got A LOT of cheese, probably a good deal of salad dressing (yes, it makes a tasty condiment for a veggie sub), and a "sprinkling" (read: a lot) of oil. Add on the 12-inches of refined flour bread, and you can see where you're getting the calories from. Can you really afford to get HALF of your daily calories from a single sandwich? My advice: Turn the sandwich into a salad. (It's a bit more expensive, but WAY lower in calories.)  
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