Food Villains #3: Bacon Burgers

I know I already addressed the issue of hamburgers (so sad to diss your heroes!), but bacon burgers deserved a dishonorable mention in my list of Food Villains. Bacon is a food that pretty much EVERYONE loves or has loved at some point in their lives. The crispy strips of porky goodness make everything better, and hamburgers are elevated from "tasty" to "DAMN SON, THAT'S GOOD STUFF!" thanks to bacon. Unfortunately, bacon is essentially deep fried fat. It's not just fried food or fatty food, but it's fried fatty food! Incredibly high in calories and definitely a health hazard, adding it into already high-calorie hamburgers just makes these foods TERRIBLE health-wise. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Source:[/caption] Chili serves a knockout burger--the Jalapeno Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger. With this burger, you get:
  • 2,210 calories
  • 6,600 mg of sodium (that's like 3 times the amount of sodium you should get)
  • 144 grams of fat
And that's not even counting the French fries! My advice: Skip the bacon. (As much as it hurts to say "no" to bacon, it's just not your friend.)  
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