Food Villains #4: Nachos

When it comes to a Mexican appetizer/"light" meal, nachos are pretty much the go-to for the uneducated. (BTW, it BARELY qualifies as legit Mexican food!) It's a tasty snack for the movies, Super Bowl Sunday, or Cinco de Mayo, but it's probably one of the LEAST healthy options around. First of all, you start with some deep fried tortilla chips. (Each tortilla contains about 50 calories, which is easily doubled when deep fried. A single tortilla makes between 4 and 6 chips, so do the math!) Add onto that some odd-tasting artificial cheese, refried beans, meat/bacon, and heavy sour cream. Sure, there are some tomatoes and onions sprinkled over the top, but then there's that heavy guacamole on the side. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Source:[/caption] Here's a look at what's in a plate of nachos:
  • 2,120 calories
  • 118 grams of fat
  • 163 grams of carbs
  • 2,990 milligrams of sodium
This plate, served at Baja Fresh, contains charbroiled steak to top it off, and it's a dish that you know you'll love--but which won't do your heart any favors! My advice: Go for Fajitas. (They're not deep fried, come with onions and bell peppers, and are made with chicken instead of steak.)
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