Food Villains #7: Chinese Lo Mein

If it can be dipped in batter and deep fried, it's probably served at a Chinese restaurant. Don't get me wrong, I love Chinese! Everything from the Spring Rolls to the Spicy Shrimp to the Kung Pao chicken is amazing, with my favorite being the Lo Mein. However, saying that Chinese food isn't healthy is like saying that falling from a 20-story building "hurts a little". Lo Mein is one of the highest-calorie foods on the menu. The noodles are already fairly high in calories, and then they're fried and loaded with more fried ingredients. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="623"] Source:[/caption] Take as an example the Double Pan-Fried Noodles served at P.F. Chang's. They're incredibly delicious, but they've got:
  • 1,820 calories
  • 7,700 mg of sodium
  • 84 grams of fat
Calories and fat aside, that's A LOT of sodium! That's three times as much sodium as a normal person should eat in a day! You would get less sodium if you injected salt into your veins! My advice: Avoid Chinese noodles. (Go for a veggie-heavy dish like Beef Broccoli, and have a spring roll or two.)  
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