Food Villains #9: Hamburgers

This one hits really close to home, because there are few things in the world that I enjoy as much as a good hamburger. Imagine a thick meat patty grilled to perfection, a sharp cheese melted over the top, served with strips of bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce, and all the pickles your little heart could ask for! It's a foodie's dream wrapped up in a bun. Sadly, hamburgers are some of the LEAST healthy foods around. Think white bread, high-fat meat patty, fatty cheese, and condiments that do NOTHING to add fiber to your diet. Often served with French fries, the hamburger offers very little in the way of nutrition, and at a very high calorie cost. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="772"] Source:[/caption] Take, for example, the Six Dollar Guacamole Bacon Burger served at Carl's Jr.:
  • 1,750 calories
  • 93 grams of fat
  • 3,175 milligrams of sodium
Of course, that is including the medium fries and a medium drink, but still! That's an awful lot of fat, sodium, and calories for just one meal! My advice: Stay away from burgers. (It goes against every fiber of my being, but this is one of those foods it's best to avoid!)  
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