These Foods Help Get Rid of Bacne, Dry Skin and Cellulite!

Nothing makes us feel more confident than glowing, healthy and clear skin. Looking toned and radiant this summer can be as easy as eating the right foods! Check out these 3 dietary solutions to your most pressing summer stresses:

#1 Bacne

  The dreaded pimples that pop up on your back or chest are often referred to as bacne and cacne (back acne and chest acne). Warmer weather can trigger these blemishes, as pollutants get lodged in your skin and sweat can block your pores from excreting them. Look for foods that are highly rich in Vitamin A. This vitamin is found in deliciously refreshing apricots, mangos and cantaloupe. It is also in dark leafy greens, fish and red peppers. This nutrient prevents pore clogging and reduces inflammation for bright, clear, clean skin.

#2 Dry Skin

  We often think dry skin is exclusive to the colder months, but dry skin can be a bother in the summer. Many of us suffer from a condition called Keratosis Pilaris, which causes micro-bumps primarily on our arms. Eating omega-3 fatty acids can aid in dry skin elimination and help cure Keratosis Pilaris. Eating walnuts, chia seeds, salmon, soybeans and tuna can give you sufficient omega-3s which will hydrate skin cells.

#3 Cellulite

  That surface lumpiness that usually congregates under our bum and on our thighs can make us cringe at the thought of wearing a bikini. Lecithin is the secret to combatting cellulite. It is found in eggs, oranges, peanuts, tofu, spinach, broccoli and kidney beans. It goes to work by rebuilding and repairing tissues, and actually thins the layers of cellulite for lustrous skin! Try these tips and tell us what you think!

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