Foods Out to Murder You

Sounds dramatic, I know, but a flair for the dramatic is kind of my thing! You always hear about how food is so healthy for you and how it's going to make you a better, stronger person. Well not all foods! The foods listed below aren't just potential health hazards, they can actually be deadly. Watch out for these eats if you're serious about living a long happy life! (I know I am)   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Source:[/caption] And those are just the foods you THINK are safe to eat! We're not talking known killers like poison tree frog legs or fugu fish. These foods are dangerous, and yet you have them in your homes and schools. (Sounds like it's time for safety advocates to get up in arms about the latest dangers to your children. Imagine a slogan like "Cherries--killing more than guns!") Yes, food can be great for your health, but it's not without its dangers…    
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