Are Football Players Stronger Than Bodybuilders? We've Got The Answer!

Being a professional football player these days is no joke. It requires a mastery of endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, durability as well as hand eye coordination and the to think and assess things quickly. One must be a well rounded athlete and the bar keeps being set higher and higher. Being a success in the world of bodybuilding is means mastering a different set of skills. Mass, definition, symmetry and stage presence are all paramount. There is no question that to be successful in either pursuit, one must display discipline and train intensely. [bctt tweet="Are Football Players Stronger Than Bodybuilders? We've Got The Answer!"] But how do bodybuilders stack up as athletes when compared to football players? How would a body builder measure up when faced with the football combine -- are bodybuilders even athletes by these standards? No contest, right? Do you think football will beat out bodybuilding? Have a look at the vertical challenge: It is clear that there wasn't much expected from Joel Thomas (IFBB pro bodybuilder). Talk about killing the competition! It gets better: Check out the broad jump: Clearly, bodybuilders ARE athletes! What do you think? Is this a fair side by side test for athleticism? Do you think bodybuilders can hold their own against those we more stereotypically define as athletes? Source: Spot Me Bro    

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